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Security & Safety


Solar Shades

Reduce sun damage…

Many people spend thousands of dollars on flooring, furniture and window treatments. With solar window film, we can help protect your investment. Our solar window films reject 99.9% of the harmful, damaging UV-A and UV-B rays. This high protection will drastically reduce fading and discoloration of fabrics, hardwoods, artwork, photographs and other valuables you want to protect. Solar window film protects every day in the Northwest, due to the fact that damaging UV rays come in even on the most dreary of days. Not only will your home furnishings be protected, but so will you. The protection provided by Vista films is so good, it carries a recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Reduce heat gain…

By applying solar window film to the inside surface of your windows, we can lower the amount of heat passing through your glass by up to 79%. Our spectrally selective films which are virtually invisible can reduce up to 98% of the infrared spectrum which not only contributes to fade but also increases the heat load in your home. Through a process known as “sputtering”, tiny particles of exotic metals are imbedded in optically clear, durable polyester film. The “sputtered” film is layered in a unique and patented construction designed and developed by Southwall Technologies. When our V-KOOL film is applied to the inside of glass windows, it allows normal visible light to enter, but selectively filters out invisible solar heat, and ultraviolet rays. Solar window films will also insulate your glass in the winter, reducing heat loss and holding your man-made heat in to reduce draft and make your home more comfortable.

Reduce unwanted glare…

Solar window film can reduce 50-87% of the glare, while allowing you to leave your window coverings open and enjoy the outside views. Film also reduces eye strain as well as improves the appearance of your home or office inside and out, day or night.