Frequently Asked Questions About Window Films


Window Film FAQ's


Why Us Window Tint?

  • To reduce fading to your fabrics, hardwoods, artwork, photographs and other furnishings from damaging ultra violet rays.
  • To reduce heat gain in the summer and retain heat in the winter, while allowing you to keep your blinds and window coverings open to enjoy the visible light and wonderful views.
  • To add security and safety to your glass, keeping the window intact and protecting all those inside your home from flying glass.

Can You Clean Window Tint?

Yes, clean window film just like a normal window using store bought cleaner, squeegees and soft paper towels. Just no razor blades or abrasives.

Do Your Films Come With A Warranty?

Yes, all of Pro-Tection's films are sold with the manufacturer's warranty included. Warranted against bubbling, peeling, delaminating or discoloring. Residential applications come with a lifetime warranty and commercial applications come with a ten or fifteen year warranty depending upon the film type.

Can Film Be Applied to Low-E Glass?

Yes, we apply window film on Low-E glass every day. Low-E glass is primarily designed to hold your man-made heat in your home. Most Low-E glass falls well short of protecting your furnishings from the damaging rays which cause fading and contributes to overheating your home.

Will Solar Tints Reduce The Risk of Skin Cancer?

Yes, our Vista line rejects 99.9% of the UV rays and is recommended by the ‘Skin Cancer Foundation'.

Is Window Film Safe For Dual Pane Glass?

Yes, the films used by Pro-Tection are tested and guaranteed dual pane safe. Ask our representative about seal failure and glass breakage warranties offered by the window film manufacturer.

Do Window Films Need To Be Dark To Be Effective?

No, all of our films reject more than 99% of the UV rays from the lightest to the darkest films. Most clients in the Northwest prefer lighter films due to our dark and dreary winters. We also have the newest in Spectrally Selective films that allow the visible light to flood in your home but dramatically reduces the heat and other harmful rays.

Can I Still See Out Of My Home Once Window Tint Is Applied, Day or Night?

Yes, applying window film will most likely improve your view by reducing the glare and allowing you to see while relaxing your eyes both day and night.

Solar Shades FAQ's


Why Use Solar Shades?

To control solar heat, glare, fading and privacy when needed.

Are Your Shades Installed on the Interior or Exterior?

All of Halcyon Solar Shades as well as Pheifer SheerWeaves are all applied to the interior of your home.

Will I Have Privacy With The Shades?

Solar Shades can offer excellent daytime privacy, while our 7000 Series SheerWeave as well as our matted Halcyon Solar Shades will provide privacy at night.

How Do I Clean My Shades?

We recommend a mild, 5% soap solution and a soft cloth for SheerWeave fabrics. For solar shades, soft dusting along with a mild non-ammonia window cleaner and soft paper towel, keeping blind down until completely dry.

Can Your Shades Be Used In A Bathroom?

Yes. The polyester and mylar materials used in our blinds will not shrink and absorb water like cotton.

Can Your Sades Be On A Remote System?

Yes. We have radio frequency and infrared remote systems for most of our shades.

What Kind Of Warranty Can I Expect?

Depending on the shade, manufacturer's warranties range from 3-5 years. All of us at Pro-Tection Seattle look forward to answering any questions you may have!!