Increase Your Energy Efficiency in Washington


Solar Shades: Unrivaled Transparency

Pro-Tection Seattle provides transparent solar shades which are the ultimate choice for controlling natural light and creating interior comfort and protection. Unlike any others in the market place, Halcyon Solar Shades offer the flexibility to merge with the outdoors while conserving energy and protecting from heat, glare, fading and harmful ultraviolet rays.
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Halcyon Solar Shades are tailored to each customer's specific performance needs, style, color and level of glare control. All shade material structures consist of a thin silver layer of transparent polyester that provides exceptional reflective properties for the best solar solution. Halcyon Solar Shades are available in varying levels of light and glare control in grey, bronze, blue, light grey textured, and textured with soft-pleated embossed and traditional styles.
Halcyon Solar Shades offer proprietary performance and protection benefits combined with the opportunity to conserve on energy costs – all while preserving a view of the outside.
  • Reduce up to 97% of unwanted glare for improved vision
  • Reject up to 80% of sun's energy
  • Reject 99% of sun's harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Maintain transparent view of the outside
  • Provide tasteful interior and exterior appearance

SheerWeave Elegant Efficiency

While lighter color fabrics reflect light and illuminate the interior with just the right amount of light, darker fabrics provide a superb view to the outside and absorb light, making them ideal for viewing computer and television screens.
Natural light is a beautiful design element that should be managed for optimum use. Elegantly managing the sun's heat and glare can be accomplished with Phifer's SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics. SheerWeave's light filtering qualities diffuse light, reduce glare and help control solar heat gain to make any room a more comfortable environment.
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With a whisper of light and color, SheerWeave Fabrics are the perfect compliment to any interior decor. Simple yet beautiful weaves of fabric add a rich, subtle texture without taking away from the overall interior design scheme. Simple, clean and classic, the aesthetic quality of SheerWeave allows it to be used in combination with other draperies and window coverings.
Styles range from the Blackout 7000 which allows zero light transmittance to the Style 1000 line with an average openness of 25% allowing excellent outward visibility. All available in a wide variety of color schemes to enhance your interior design.